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From Field to Barrel: The Art of Crafting Aplomo Tequila

Bienvenidos to the captivating world of Aplomo Tequila, where the essence of Mexico’s tequila-making traditions comes to life. Join us on an immersive journey, from the agave fields to the distillation process, as we unveil the meticulous artistry that sets Aplomo apart. With sophistication and approachability at our core, we celebrate the heritage of tequila culture, delivering exceptional tequilas that stand the test of time.

The Agave Legacy: Patience and Perfection

At the heart of every bottle of Aplomo Tequila lies the blue variety Tequilana Weber agaves, carefully cultivated and nurtured for up to 9 years. With meticulous care, our agaves are maintained with natural fertilizers, vitamins, and pest control, ensuring they reach their peak maturity. When the agave begins to dry, it signals that it’s time for harvest, signaling the start of an extraordinary journey.

The Jimador's Craft: Uncovering the Heart of Tequila

The expertise of the Jimador, armed with a sharp “coa” tool, is essential in revealing the heart of the agave plant, the prized “piña.” Each piña can weigh over 50 kg, a testament to the skilled craftsmanship involved in their harvest. The Jimador’s artistry allows them to gather up to 350 piñas in a single day, each one brimming with the promise of exceptional tequila.

From Pineapple to Magic: Cooking and Grinding

The transformation begins with cooking the piñas, a pivotal step in tequila-making. Aplomo employs two cooking methods – the traditional Brick Oven Agave Cooking and the Autoclave Cooking Process. In masonry ovens or autoclaves, the agave piñas are carefully cooked until starches convert into sugars. Once cooled, they are passed through a grinding process to extract the precious agave juice, a pure elixir of flavor.

Fermentation: A Natural Alchemy

Aplomo’s commitment to natural fermentation shines as we allow the extracted juice to ferment in stainless steel tanks, fostering the development of rich flavors. The saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strains work their magic, transforming the juice into a foundation of exceptional tequila.

The Art of Distillation: Copper and Steel

Distillation is a symphony of flavors at Aplomo, where stainless steel stills with copper coils weave their magic. The process results in a cloudy liquid known as the ordinario, followed by a second distillation or rectification. This process yields the coveted white tequila at 55% Alc.Vol, meticulously separated from any impurities to ensure an exquisite taste.

Aging with Elegance: Resting in Barrels

Aplomo Tequila takes the time to rest and age in carefully selected barrels. From the iconic American white oak to the medium-toasted French oak, each barrel imparts its unique character to the tequila. Tequila Blanco, direct from distillation, finds its way to the bottle, while Tequila Reposado ages gracefully for 6 to 11 months. Tequila Añejo matures for 12 to 24 months, and the Extra Añejo Tequila luxuriates for an impressive 5 years, a testament to patience and dedication.

At Aplomo Tequila, our craft is an ode to Mexico’s rich heritage and the uncompromising pursuit of perfection. From the fields where blue agave thrives to the hands of the Jimador and the artistry of distillation, every step is infused with the essence of Mexico. The result is a collection of exceptional tequilas, where sophistication meets relaxation and tequila culture is celebrated with every sip.

Join us on this exquisite journey, where the soul of Mexico comes alive in every bottle of Aplomo Tequila. Stay tuned for more insights into our tequila-making process, sustainability practices, and mixology inspirations, as we continue to raise the bar of tequila excellence.

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